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Balliet Guitar Company Guitar Repair

Profession guitar repair, and guitar finishes


Balliet Guitar Company offers a wide variety of services to accommodate all of your guitar's needs.

Guitar Finishes: We offer professional guitar finishes at reasonable prices! We offer this to customers anywhere in the United States. Click here for more details.

Inspection: Most guitar shops let you buy guitars with a 30 day return policy. If you found a guitar you really want, but you want a second opinion on its value, or to see if it may need any major repairs, bring it in for a FREE evaluation. I'll price the instrument, and let you know of any repairs it may need. If you feel like you don't want the instrument anymore after the evaluation, you can return it, usually without much hassle, just don't lose your receipt! Please call, or send an email to make an appointment.

For all repairs and modifications, there is a bench charge of $15/hour most repairs are done in 1 to 6 hours (more commonly 1 or 2 hours). The bench charge and the cost of parts are the only factors in final cost.


  • Set-up: A set-up is a general inspection and maintenance procedure. It is as essential to your guitar's well-being as an oil change is to your car. You'll notice your guitar playing better, and sounding better after a set-up. Click here for more details.
  • Fret dress: This is the process of leveling, re-crowning and polishing the frets. It needs to be done when the tops of the frets are worn flat, which causes the guitar to play slightly out of tune, or if the frets are uneven, which causes fret buzz. Includes a FREE set-up!
  • Re-fret: Sometimes there's not enough left of the fret to do a fret dress, or there's dents in them that are too deep to be filed out. When this happens the frets need to be removed, and replaced. This gives you the ability to customize your guitar a little bit and choose a fret size that's most comfortable to you, and fits your style of play. Includes a FREE set-up!
  • Bridge removal & replacement: This is a very common repair on acoustic guitars. The bridge will come unglued at the back from being under constant tension from the strings and either lift up slightly or sometimes even come completely off. I check for this every time I pick up an acoustic guitar, because it should be addressed immediately. Includes a FREE set-up!
  • New Bridge: Sometimes, when the bridge comes unglued, it also cracks, and when this happens, it can't be put back on, so a new one will have to be made.
  • Crack repair: Occasionally an acoustic guitar will form a crack, most commonly from loss of hydration in the wood, or from hitting the guitar up against something. Here we fix the crack and prevent it from coming back.
  • Neck repair: A guitar's neck can break, either from dropping it, or hitting it up against something, or something falling on it. However it broke, don't worry, 99% of the time this can be fixed, and it will be stronger than it was before the break. Includes FREE set-up and finish touch up.
  • Finish touch-up: Scratches and dings in the finish of a guitar can be a real eye-sore, but fortunately it can be repaired. It'll be like it never happened.
  • Electronics repair: Every once in a while an electronic component of a guitar will fail. Getting it repaired usually results in the instrument having better tone than it did before the problem occurred.
  • Other structural repairs: Sometimes, it's hard to tell what's wrong with a guitar, or even impossible to tell without a proper inspection. If you notice your guitar isn't playing like it used to, or something doesn't sound right call and make an appointment! Diagnostic work is FREE!

The services listed above are all things that need to be done for your instrument to play properly, and to avoid long term damage. They will ALWAYS be an improvement to your instrument. The services below are modifications. These will all significantly and very noticeably improve the tone and/or appearance of your instrument.


  • Bone Nut: Almost every single guitar manufactured today leaves the factory with a plastic nut. Upgrading to a bone nut will improve your tone 110%. It increases sustain, and clarity in your tone, and is also much stronger than plastic.
  • Bone Saddle: This is for acoustic guitars only, and improves your tone in the same way that a bone nut will. The combination of a bone nut, and a bone saddle can make even an inexpensive acoustic guitar sound like a high-end acoustic guitar.
  • New Bridge (electric guitar): A heavier, more dense bridge, with better contact to the body will increase sustain, and improve tone, much the same way a bone saddle does for an acoustic guitar. also available for electric basses!
  • Tuner Upgrade: Getting new tuners is a great way to help your guitar stay in tune. Certain models of tuners have a higher gear ratio to allow for more precise tuning.
  • Acoustic guitar pick-up: Playing an acoustic guitar live is difficult because it has to be mic'd, which means you have to stand still, and in the same place for the whole set. Installing a pickup in your acoustic guitar allows you to plug into an amplifier or PA system, and gives you a more consistent sound when playing live.
  • Balliet Guitar Co. Electronics Special: This upgrade does wonders to your tone. All new, high quality CTS potentiometers (volume and tone controls), top of the line capacitors, and top quality switches, a Switchcraft USA jack and professional grade wire. Improves your tone as much as new pickups!
  • New pick-up install: New pick-ups are undeniably an excellent way to improve, or completely change your tone. I will gladly help you choose the ones that are right for you if you need help deciding.
  • Misc. hardware install: Some hardware you can buy for guitars is purely aesthetic, each piece requires a different time frame to install.