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Balliet Guitar Company Guitar Repair

Profession guitar repair, and guitar finishes

Professional Guitar Finishes

One of the coolest ways to customize a guitar is by getting a new paint job, but not a lot of people know that the type of finish on a guitar, especially acoustic guitars, can affect the tone of the instrument. Professional guitar builders most commonly use lacquer because it drys hard enough to protect the guitar, but still promotes flexibility, which allows the instrument to vibrate freely and maintain the great tone it had before there was finish on it. Here at Balliet Guitar Company, we use water-based lacquer because it takes less finish to achieve the same results as solvent-based lacquer, which ultimately means there's less material keeping the guitar from vibrating, and producing sound. Also water-based lacquer is a very environmentally friendly finish, while solvent-based lacquer is hazardous to the environment as well as highly explosive.

ATTENTION LUTHIERS! We offer our guitar finishing services to you as well! If you're looking to outsource your finish work, we offer professional quality finishes that your customers will love as much as ours do. Contact us to set up an account via email at [email protected]. There is no account set-up fee, we offer multi-guitar discounts, and we accept shipments from anywhere in the United States.


Here's some examples of finish work I've done in the past